If your team has workflows they normally follow, you don’t need to recreate those tasks and projects in Freshrelease every time. Whether you create your own project or use a Freshrelease-created template, it’s easy to set up a workflow so you don’t have to miss any steps.

1.Create a new business project:

Create a new project to capture a sequence of tasks your team completes regularly. 

Note: if you are an existing customer, please click on create a new project on the left side of the page in the    projects module.

2. Create appropriate tasks, swimlanes, or custom fields to organize and categorize your work clearly.

3. You can assign tasks, include attachments, and task details to a project in advance. Also, add @mentions to get attention of a team member to an important task.

This is not the only way to create projects in Freshrelease, you can do it using these methods as well.

1. With seeded templates

2. By cloning projects