Important: Before you start configuring workflows, learn how to configure statuses.

Workflow is a collection of statuses that items move through during their lifecycle. Unless a status is part of a workflow, users won't see it when they want to move an item to that status. In a freshrelease project, users can create multiple workflows, one for each and have one assigned to every item type.

What is a typical workflow for user stories and bugs?

Workflows for user stories and bugs vary from team to team.

Simple workflow

Open -> In progress -> Code review -> Testing -> Closed

Complex workflow

Open -> In progress -> Ready for review -> In code review -> Ready to test -> In testing -> Ready to launch -> Closed

Some times there might be scenarios where you want a work item to go back to the previous state (eg: Code review -> Development). For these cases, you can setup a reverse status transition like,

In code review -> In progress

For tasks and sub-tasks you can have a very simple workflow like,

Open -> In progress -> Done

What are status transitions?

The movement of a work item from one status to another status is called a status transition. The number of statuses an item can move to, from a particular status is called possible status transitions.

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