Boards let you organize your work like sticky notes that you can move across columns. They give you a clean, visual overview, with all the same power of a project in List View. Add items to your board, then drag and drop to move the work around or track it through multiple stages. 

1 . Click on "New" button given on the right side to add a new task, bug, epic or a user story. You would be provided with these by default. You can also add a custom type easily. 

Here is how you can add a custom type 

2. Add a title, priority, start date, end date and assign your task to a team member. 

3. Use drag and drop method to prioritize your tasks based on your needs. 


4. Manage and add new custom swimlanes if required apart from the default, " Open", "In Progress" and "Closed". For instance, you can an additional column named " Testing". You can additionally map it to statuses for it to reflect on the board.

 4a: Choose "add column" on the top right side corner next to the filter icon

4b: Add a swim lane 

4c: Edit and give your swimlane a name 

Note : Once the testing swimlane is created, you will want to map it to a status for it to reflect on the board. 

Here are the steps to create a status saying " In testing" which should can be mapped to the "testing" swimlane 

Step 1: Go to project settings > select status under "task"

Step 2: To add a new status, click on "+ status" on the right hand corner of the window

Step 3: Add "in testing" as the name and select "work in progress" as a category and click on save 

Step 4 : Your status will automatically reflect in your board settings 

Step 5: Map your status to your column easily with drag and drop and click on save

5.  Click on " Group by" icon to group tasks based on assignee, priority or type. 

6. Easily filter out all your tasks separately by choosing the option of "my tasks" 

7. Use these advanced quick filters to slice and dice your tasks. 

8. Add your own searches as saved filters and convert them into a board easily 

For example, you need saved filters of all your tasks that are "in progress".  

a. Arrange your tasks in a kanban way 

b. Use quick filters to sort just the one's "in progress"  based on statuses

c. Once you have the list of "in progress" tasks filtered out click on "save view as" 

d. Name your saved filter and choose the visibility option and click on save

e. Your custom saved filter of "in progress items" will be ready to use, opt for a kanban or list view to see it. 

8. Freshrelase provides a variety of ways of how you sort and filter your list of tasks. Some people like to set the order manually and we have the option of list view for that. Click on the list option given to you on the right side

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