Items in freshrelease can be of various types. They can be epics, user stories, tasks, feature requests, bug fixes etc. This helps teams to easily identify items and prioritise them. You can also create your own custom item types.

If you are a project or account admin, go to Project Settings > Types > click on "+Type" to create a new type.

Every item type also has a corresponding workflow and form. You can customise workflows for every type of item in Freshrelease.

For example,

1. A task can have a simple workflow like Open -> In Progress -> Done

2. A bug could have an elaborate workflow like, Open -> In Progress -> In Review -> In Testing -> Done

Every type can also have its own form. This allows teams to control what fields(properties) are needed for each item type.

For example,

1. A bug could have fields like "Environment to reproduce", "Number of affected users", etc.

2. An epic could have fields like "Value to customers"