Freshworks Analytics’ robust reporting capabilities get a ‘level’ up with Unified Analytics for the all-new Customer Service Suite, which combines diverse business data from multiple products (under the Customer Service Suite) into a centralized and accessible platform. 

With Unified Analytics, you can create reports with metrics from different products across Freshdesk, Freshchat, and Freshcaller (add-on). This can help you gain valuable insights and analyze critical information across the products, in one place.


  • Get a comprehensive view of your business data from products in the Customer Service Suite i.e Freshdesk, Freshchat, and Freshcaller (add-on) and find valuable insights into the performance of your ticketing and conversation capabilities.

  • Access curated reports across channels that provide a deeper analysis of tickets, chat, and phone (add-on).

  • Easily create custom reports tailored to your specific business needs using metrics across products.

  • Quickly schedule and share reports with your team, ensuring all stakeholders have access to essential data.