What's the fuss about Sprints?

Sprints are a great way to set a short goal for your team, pick items that will help accomplish the goal and start working on them. Usually sprints are 14 days long.

4 things to do right in a sprint

1. A clear sprint goal - Having a clear picture of what you want to achieve by the end of the sprint will immensely help your team to push forward.

2. Pick only the items that help the goal - You can achieve your sprint's goal only if you pick the right items that will help you do that. Avoid picking items that are in noway related to the goal. This will only serve as a distraction and not help you complete more items.

3. Flag blockers - Successful teams communicate better. If you are blocked on something, let your team know right away. We even have a nifty feature on the sprint board that will help you do that! (Hover on a card to find the block icon)

4. Update item status - The ultimate goal of the sprint is to complete all items that you picked up. So whenever you are done with something, it is important to update the status. And we get it, updating status seems like book keeping work. Checkout how you can make Freshrelease do this heavy lifting for you using Autopilot feature in Project Settings > Workflows (talk to your Project Admins about this!)

How to plan and start a sprint?

1. Prioritize items in the backlog using drag and drop. You can also do this for each epic. Click on an epic and prioritize items inside it.

2. Create a new sprint and start moving items from top of the backlog to the sprint.

3. You can just move item from top of the backlog or go to an epic and move items from it.

4. Estimate the items taken for the sprint based on the complexity of each item. Once you know the complexity of an item, set the "Estimation" number that represents how complex an item is. 

4. Once you have enough items for the next 14 days, start the sprint. This takes you to the sprint board from where you can easily track progress of items.

The goal of the sprint is to move items from the left of the board to the right towards completion. It is important that you don't work on items other than what's planned for the sprint.