Workflow autopilot allows freshrelease to automatically update status of items based on events in source control software like Github and Gitlab. If you are using any these source control tools, then your developers don't have to worry about constantly update item status after something gets done.

Example scenarios:

1. Automatically move item status to "In Progress" when developers commit code for an item

2. Automatically move item status to "In Review" when developers raise a pull or merge request

3. Automatically move item status to "Ready to test" when pull request is merged

Steps to enable workflow autopilot

1. Configure Github or Gitlab integration with Freshrelease.

2. Go to Project Settings > Workflows > Autopilot

3. Click on configure > Enable events you want freshrelease to listen and configure statuses.

4. Important: After configuring the statuses in workflow autopilot, make sure that all your workflows actually allow these status movements.