You can break a project into multiple sub-projects if there are different teams working on the project.

How does this help?

With sub-projects, you can assign a portion of the project backlog to a sub-project and people on it can run their own sprints. This also allows your team to prioritise items at every sub-project level instead of prioritising all items at project level.

How to create a sub-project?

If you are the project admin,

1. Go to Project Settings > Sub-projects

2. Click on +Sub-project > Give it a name and assign an owner to it (Only project users can be owners of a sub-project.)

How to assign items to a sub-project?

After you create a sub-project, Freshrelease automatically adds a field called "Sub-project" to all item forms. So you can assign items to the sub-project you just created. You can also bulk assign items to a sub-project using bulk edit option from item list view.

How to navigate to a sub-project?

After you create a sub-project, click on the project switcher menu next to the project name on top left corner. You will see the sub-project you just created and clicking on it will take you to it.

What can be assigned to sub-projects?

1. You can assign items to sub-project

2. You can create sprints at sub-project level

Module like test case management, releases, analytics are all at project level.