A project in freshrelease is a collection of items that you . Teams can use projects to track the development of a product - with epics, user stories, bugs, etc. or track tasks for an initiative.

Who can create projects?

Projects can be created only by freshrelease account admins.

How to create a project?

1. Click on "+New" from top right corner

2. Choose "Project" > Give a name for the project > Save

3. The user who creates the project becomes the admin of the project by default

4. A project can have more than one project admins.

How to configure settings for a project?

After creating a project, you might want to add more people to it, add new statuses, priorities, worfklow, etc. From project settings, you will be able to do the following,

  1. Invite users to the project
  2. Add new item types
  3. Add new statuses
  4. Add new priorities
  5. Configure workflows
  6. Configure custom fields