What's new in Freshrelease this April?

Freshrelease for Business teams

Since the time we launched Freshrelease, we've seen increasing asks from business teams like IT, Sales, Customer Success, Customer support and Marketing to use Freshrelease as a project management software. To support business teams, we have now introduced a new project type called "business project" which hides software development specific modules like Sprints, Epics, Test cases, Story points, etc. and introduces new features like Task lists and Tasks. This makes the product more usable for business teams. In addition to this, we are also now shipping pre-built templates for various project management use cases for business teams.

Revamped user interface
We have given a face lift to the user interface to make it look consistent with our suite of products. This UI update also makes Freshrelease's colours accessibility compliant and gives the product a much needed refresh.

Clone projects (Available on the PRO plan)
Allows users to quickly copy a previous project and create a new one out of it. Helps teams that do repetitive projects every month. You can clone a project from the all projects page by clicking on "more" actions icon and choosing "Clone".

See tasks across projects in one place (Available on the PRO plan)
For teams that work on multiple projects at any given time, this feature allows team leads, project managers and members to see all the tasks they are working on from a single place. They no longer have to switch between projects and use filters to see what's assigned to whom.

Project progress
A new list view for projects that gives a quick overview of the progress. You can see the project progress from the all projects page.

Move tasks from one project to another
Teams can now easily move tasks between projects. You can move a task by clicking on the "more" actions icon on the task details slider and choosing "Move".

Organisation support for Freshrelease
Freshrelease now supports for "organisation" capabilities that allow you to bring all the Freshworks products you use under one roof. In addition to this, we have also rolled out enhanced security with 2-factor authentication and SSO options.

Support for custom task fields in analytics
Teams can now build reports using custom fields on tasks.

Option to remove unused configurations
This has been due for a long time. Teams can now remove unused task types, statuses, workflows and forms in projects.

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In lieu of the requested / missing Customer field, would you at least be able to make the new Description field in the project General Settings exportable with the time entries? I can use that in the interim to track which projects below to which customers.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Darin,

Yes, we should be able to do that quickly. Let me get in touch with my team and see how soon we can roll this out.

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Our whole team is struggling with the new navigation, it is not very intuitive and is actually creating issues for us. I would be happy to sit down and walk you through the difficulties we were having. We liked it way better before. Specifically related to how you get to your current sprint boards.

 A feature which i need is: tasks have a follower who can receive progress emails, without the need them to have users.

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