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Set fields mandatory during task creation

For teams that want to capture more information whenever a task is created and force their users to fill certain fields, we are now bringing the ability to mark fields as mandatory during task creation. 

How will this work?

1. Project admins can mark fields mandatory from Project Settings > Forms and Fields.

2. When a field is marked as mandatory, it becomes mandatory in all the forms it is added in the project.

3. On the new task form, Freshrelease will raise the mandatory field error when a user tries to create a task without filling values for mandatory fields.

4. Mandatory field validation will be skipped when users create tasks using the quick create option and also via APIs.

5. In these cases, mandatory field validation will occur when user tries to update any property of the task from the details slider after creation.

Note: Freshrelease already support mandatory fields during status updates and this can be configured inside workflows.

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