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Project templates

Tired of setting up new projects from scratch? Want to streamline workflows for your projects? We feel you!

Freshrelease will soon allow you to create templates for projects that your team can use while creating projects.

What's inside a template?

1. Tasks

2. Test cases

3. Configurations like task types, statuses, workflows, task fields/forms, etc.

You can setup templates for specific kind of projects in advance, so your team can quickly create a project out of it. All the tasks that need to be done, workflows your team needs to follow, information that need to be recorded are pre-set as soon as the project is created from the template.

ETA: End of Q2 2020

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It would also be extremely helpful to be able to clone sub-projects

Have this been implemented by now?

Project templates is now live!

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Are there any documentation on how to use this?
I can not see any changes in our Freshrelease GUI or settings...

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