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Freshrelease for business teams - Now your IT, Sales, Marketing, Customer success and Support teams can also run projects!

Hey everyone!

We are introducing a new Business project mode that would allow non-software teams to also run projects on Freshrelease.

Since the time we launched Freshrelease, we've seen increasing asks from business teams like IT, HR, Marketing, Sales, Customer success, Customer support, etc. to use Freshrelease as a project management software. This new mode introduces features like "Task lists" and "Tasks" that are tailor made for business teams and hides software team specific features like sprints, epics, test cases, etc.

Example scenarios where businesss teams would need a project management software,

IT teams can run projects for

Org wide OS upgrade, New software rollout, Performing security audits, Decommissioning an existing system/software  etc.

HR teams can run projects for

Employee on-boarding, Performance review, Talent acquisition plan, etc.

Sales teams can run projects for

Customer on-boarding, Sales QBR meeting preparation, etc.

Customer success teams can run projects for

Customer QBR meeting preparation, Conducting a webinar for customers, etc.

Marketing teams can run projects for

Planning a webinar, Checklist for launching features, Creating monthly newsletter creation, etc.

Customer support teams can run projects for

Building a KBase, Reviewing support process, etc.

This mode will be available at the project level, so this would allow a company that has bought Freshrelease to run business and software projects in the same account. When business and software teams are on the same platform tracking work, collaboration and transparency improves immensely across the company.

ETA for this feature is the 3rd week of April 2020.

A sneak peak into this new feature,

Option to create a business project from scratch or choose from readymade templates for business teams

Task lists and tasks helps teams organise and track work easily. Here's an example of how HR teams can track employee on-boarding tasks using Freshrelease.

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Re: Projects

  1. Expand the search capabilities to be universal. All fields should be searchable across the platform.
  2. There is Active and Deactivated projects, but no Closed projects. If we want to shorten an ever-expanding list of projects in the menu, we have to deactivate them, but then the tasks enclosed are no longer searchable. There are times my team needs to go back and reference a bug or ticket in a past project. Deactivated parameters are too harsh; we need a Closed that hides the projects from Active view, but they are still searchable. An archive possibly? Or similar design / framework as Freshdesk past tickets?
  3. Customer field - I cannot stress how overlooked this field is; the goal of connecting all the Freshworks platforms (at this time at least Freshdesk and Freshrelease) without the most basic and important field that companies use to group tickets, projects, contacts, teams, etc. is a puzzling design decision. My Finance team spends extra hours each month trying to reconcile which projects belong to which customers.
  4. Reports and analytics.

This is now live!

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