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FreshRelease integration with Microsoft Teams

We would like to be able to integrate FreshRelease with Microsoft Teams as we are able to with FreshService. This could allow our team to see new items, updated items, metrics etc within Teams without having to navigate to a separate site and sift through information. We currently have FreshService tickets displayed in Teams as well as various other services we use. This gives my team a one stop place to view all important information

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This is a great idea. We also use Freshdesk integration with Teams. currently, the only email is supported but developers use chat tools, not email. Since a Teams integration with Freshdesk already exists, this shouldn't be a complex idea to implement.


Btw: for security reasons, every project must be able to link to its own Teams channel, not a shared one for all projects. The reason is that a project contains different and both internal and external people.

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I would be more than happy to link 1 project to 1 channel :)

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