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Ability to login using single sign-on and 2 factor authentication for users

Single sign-on

Freshrelease can now integrate with the single sign-on setup that you already in your organisation. Using this, all project members can easily login to Freshrelease using existing credentials they use for other apps in your organisation.

Supported authentication methods: SAML(for Okta, Onelogin, etc), OAuth 2, OpenID connect, JWT tokens.

2 factor authentication

Teams use Freshrelease to run projects of various sizes and kinds that have big impacts on their organisations. Projects often contain sensitive information and it is our duty to safe guard your data. We are introducing a 2 factor authentication mechanism that project members can make use of to securely login to Freshrelease. 

ETA: End of February 2020

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Is MS Active Directory SSO included in this?

Any update on this?

Hi everyone,

We have started rolling out this change to your accounts in multiple phases. We expect the rollout to be complete by the 2nd week of April and once this is complete, you will be able to configure the above mentioned security options in your Freshrelease account.

These capabilities have been rolled out to all our customers on the EU data centre and we are currently doing a staggered release for our customers in the US region.

This is now live!

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