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subtask display and content

Hi there, 

I've recently discovered Freshrelease, and this is a solution that may quite useful to us.

It's clear the platform is inspired by JIRA's design, but more accessible.

However, it shares a similar design philosophy with the former, in that subtasks of a main task will appear on the same level as the parent task it is linked to. This can get quite a bit confusing, especially when handling multiple tasks that all have one or more subtasks.

What I would like to see in Freshrelease is:

 1) The option to display subtasks in a tree structure when viewing from List mode (where subtasks are listed under the main task as a sublevel). 

For board view, having each subtask appear as a card of its own quickly gets confusing, figuring out what belongs to what. i would prefer to have a structure like this:


2) The ability to add customize subtask fields in the trigger configuration. Currently, when setting up a trigger to add a subtask on transition-trigger, it's only possible to add a title. Ideally, I would like to be able to include a default description with instruction for the subtask for example.

Any chance of seeing this in Freshrelease?

Best regards,

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