Exciting features coming your way this holiday season

Ability to create private projects (Available on the Pro plan)
This allows users to run secret projects that only members can view. If you are services/consultancy company, you are most likely running multiple projects for your clients. Often, clients would need access to these projects to see progress, so private projects allows you to give restricted access to clients to their projects and not expose projects of other clients.

Native integration with Freshservice (Available on the Pro plan)

Allows IT teams to run projects in an agile way on Freshrelease. If you have a development team in your company, you can bring them on Freshrelease to collaborate and fix incidents faster and deploy changes seamlessly. More about it here.

Ability to clone projects (Coming soon to the Pro plan)

Tired of creating projects from scratch? Now you can quickly clone an existing project and get up and running with your project. You no longer have to setup types, workflows, fields, etc. again and again!

Ability to view items across projects (Coming soon to the Pro plan)

This is great for teams that run multiple projects. Managers can see all the items their team is working on across projects and members can see all items they are working on from a single page. No more switching between multiple projects, do everything from one place.

Delay prediction for items (Available on the Pro plan)

Delay prediction in Freshrelease will show users the actual time an item spends in every status of its lifecycle and compare against the planned effort for that particular status and call out delays. More about it here.

Time tracking for items (Available on the Pro plan)

Project members can the log time spent on items. This helps project admins and owners to track the amount of effort a person has put into an item. You can also export all time entries as a CSV and send it to your clients for billing.

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