November round-up of what's new in Freshrelease

Ability to create private projects (Available on the Pro plan)
This allows users to run secret projects that only members can view. If you are services/consultancy company, you are most likely running multiple projects for your clients. Often, clients would need access to these projects to see progress, so private projects allows you to give restricted access to clients to their projects and not expose projects of other clients.

Ability to customize columns in task and test case list view
Are you tired of going to the details page of tasks to see that extra bit of information? Worry not, you can now bring those fields to the list view with column customisation.

Native integration with Freshservice (Available on the Pro plan)

Allows IT teams to run projects in an agile way on Freshrelease. If you have a development team in your company, you can bring them on Freshrelease to collaborate and fix incidents faster and deploy changes seamlessly. More about it here.

Ability for users to reorder cards on the board
You can now reorder cards on the kanban board. Have 20 items in your Todo column? Don't know how to prioritise them for your team? You can just reorder & prioritise.

Ability to quick create items on the board

No more filling long forms. Use this new feature to quickly create items on the board under any of the columns.

Ability to filter items on the board

We know you love the "Group by" feature on the board but what if you can filter items by any attribute? Yes, we have opened up the flood gates and now you can filter items by any property. Here's more power to you!

Easy navigation while viewing attachments
Are you frustrated that you aren't able to fluidly browse through attachments once you have opened them? You can now use keyboard arrow keys to navigate left-right to browse attachments.

Guest/Client users in Freshrelease

You can now invite your stakeholder, clients, vendors, etc.  to Freshrelease projects as guests and collaborate with them on tasks.

What can guest users do in a project?

1. See the project's roadmap

2. Read all the items in a project

3. Follow items for status updates

4. Comment on items and collaborate with your team using @mentions

5. Can only see the projects they are invited to.

A truck load of improvements to our analytics module

Flexible layouts for reports

1. Resize widgets and position them in any way

2. Organize your report into pages (up to 10 per report)

3. Customize the aspect ratio of your reports

4. Responsive layouts that support more display sizes.

5. Consistent design across editor, presentations, and exports

Simplified configurations

1. One simplified way (instead of three) for creating widgets

2. Add and compare up to 10 metrics per widgets

3. Ability to rename, reorder and clone metrics

4. Filters for every metric (in addition to widget, report filters)

5. Group by time periods across date filters

UX improvements and enhancements

1. Improved, more responsive charts to go with different widget sizes

2. Simpler, cleaner number charts and support for trends

3. Apply, save and discard UX improvements

4. Easier ways to apply global date filters and date range dimensions

5. Caching and performance improvements

PS: These are some of the major features we have shipped this month and in addition to this we are frequently shipping enhancements, fixing bugs and improving app performance to give you the best experience. If you like what you are seeing and like to know about what we are working on, follow our roadmap.

-- Freshrelease Team :)

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