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Export items to CSV

Items can be imported however the ability to export all items and their respective details would be helpful.



Hi Brad Freshour,

You can export items in the Analytics section. Create a Report with the records to be exported and from these reports you will be able to export the data as csv files. 

I have used the export from the Analytics section but it doesn't include all of the fields. Is it possible to include Info or Dependencies for example?

Hi Jessica,

We will be supporting custom fields data in the Analytics section soon.  In case if this is a critical use-case, for you, please send us an email to support [at] freshrelease [dot] com

We will check if any workaround can be done from our side.

Is someone able to share HOW you can export from the Analytics section?  I have been trying but have had no luck creating reports that have any detail beyond overall graphs.

Thank you in advance! 

@Amanda I had to click into one of the report containers and then export from there to get the CSV tabular view. The main page lets you export to pdf I believe.

All I can get is a PDF, cannot get to the extract of the data. Does anyone have a guide to follow?

Hi Stephen Gresty,

a) double click on the widget (in the reports screen, where you see the export to pdf) 
b) In the detail view of this widget > in the right top > CSV of Tabular data


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