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Ability to filter items across projects

When multiple projects are run with the same team it quickly becomes hard to know who is working on what. To solve this, we are brining the ability to filter items across projects. This works even better for managers who have multiple projects going at the same time. Easily see what your team is working on across projects.

ETA: Q4 2019.

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Hi team - is there an update on the ETA for this please?

Hi Marty. This feature will be launched by the mid of February. We had development delays in this because of a few technical limitations. At this point, the feature is in the last leg of development and will soon move to testing.

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Hey everyone. In the February launch of this feature, there will only be the list view representation of tasks and the Kanban representation will be launched at a later time because of a few tech hurdles that our team is currently solving. We are sorry for the delay here.

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List view is a good start. Any update on implementation date?

Update on implementation?

Hi Darin,

There is a slight delay in launching this feature. It is in the internal testing phase and we are confident that we will be able to launch it before the end of March.

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Hi everyone,

The feature is now live! If you aren't able to see it, please refresh your Freshrelease page. We have introduced a link called "All projects" on the top which will take you to the all projects view and from there you can switch to the "All items" module. Here's where you will be able to filter and see tasks across projects.

As I said earlier, this first version of the feature will have a list of tasks but in Q3, we are attempting to bring in the kanban view as well. Let us know what you think about this feature.

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Thank you! This is a huge help for my Dev teams working across multiple projects.

there is no filter by sprint so we still cant see whats in the current sprint across multiple projects for a dev.

Are there any suggestions out there on how to prioritise work for Devs who work on more than one project ?

I really miss being able to create a single board for everything the team is doing and therefore what each user are doing  

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