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Overview of items a person is mentioned in

A person only receives an e-mail about an item where the person is mentioned in. I receive a lot of e-mails a day, therefore I cannot respond quickly on the items where I'm mentioned in.

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Great, good to hear! :)

Hi Sjaak Overgaauw,

We are already analysing about possible ways to list assigned items across the projects. We will definitely support this soon.

Listing mentioned items is a little complex ( considering the one-to-many associations and also the granularity at the comments level) - hence we will not take this immediately. However, we will check for a better workaround asap.

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To elaborate on this: we run about 6 projects with Freshrelease. It currently is very time-consuming to verify the open tasks which are assigned to you. You have to open each project 1:1 and then open a view and group it on assignee. It should be great to have a single "board" with items assigned to you or comments you are mentioned in.

Hi Shelana Thakoer,

This is a good suggestion. We will add this to our Feature Requests list and analyse about suitable solution to handle such cases. As a temporary workaround, you can create a filter in your email clients with a condition as 'sender is' 

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