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Board Views across Multiple Projects

The biggest thing I miss from Jira is the ability to make a board to join in multiple projects

I Have Devs working across multiple projects and they cant see their work in one spot

also jumping between projects is not fun - you cant bookmark two projects 

Its storing the project  in in the session or a cookie and its always pulling me back to the last project

I want to easily move between projects

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Hi Aaron,

// you cant bookmark two projects
currently, you can bookmark the permanent url for backlog in every project

// I Have Devs working across multiple projects and they cant see their work in one spot

We couldn't support this immediately due to a technical limitation in the application. We are analysing about all possible solutions for this and hope to resolve / find a workaround at the earliest possible.

What are the browsers used by your development team?
asking this to know, if we can check the possibilities of a browser plugin to list 'My Items from all projects'

- Prathees R
(Freshrelease team)

Hi Aaron,

We have planned this feature in the roadmap for this quarter. We expect this feature to ship in the next 2 months. You will be able to filter items across projects using various attributes and view them on a kanban board.

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Ship in the next 2 months ?  4 Months ago :)

Did I miss this or still coming?

Hi Aaron,

We have already shipped a list view to show tasks across projects. You can access it by clicking on "All projects" on the top and then going to "All tasks". We have taken kanban board out of the scope for now since we had to prioritise other features but we have plans to pick this up in the next quarter.

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We are also interested in boards containing items of multiple projects. 

Use case

  • We are an IT company. 
  • We help customers to implement integration platforms (consultancy). We also develop products internally (subscription-based, so recurring revenue)  
  • We are running multiple projects simultaneously, with multiple teams
  • Each developer can be a member of multiple teams. For example, an internal development project and 1 customer project. So developers are contributing to multiple sprints for different projects.
  • We have 1 project for each customer. We have both internal and customer developers which use Freshrelease. Projects are therefore secured so customers can't see data of other projects / other customers
  • Managing tasks for multiple projects is now time-consuming. It's like managing 3 separate calendars.
  • The current list view for multiple projects is not user friendly and not efficient. A kanban board would improve the willingness to use Freshrelease and reduce overhead.

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 We also want the Board containing all the Items of Multiple Projects . Please let us know by when this will be added.

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