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Advanced sprint planning and delay prediction in Freshrelease


Have you ever felt that you could have delivered more value or performed better in your recent sprint? We have too. There are several reasons why a sprint could go and some common reasons are,

1. A team picks up more items than they can complete in a sprint 

2. Poor estimation and not seeing upfront where an item would need more effort during development

3. No proper capacity planning. What if few of your team mates are only available for half the duration of the sprint?

To help scrum teams plan their sprints better, we are introducing a new capability called "Advanced sprint planning". This feature adds another dimension called capacity planning to sprints. Teams can now track,

1. Who are the team members part of a sprint?

2. How many days is everyone available for during the sprint? (everyone available for all days or not)

3. How much effort every stage of development will take? (effort in days for development, review, testing, etc)

4. When can you expect an item to be complete? (are items likely to spillover)

5. Is anyone overloaded with work or is there anyone who can share the load?


Once a sprint is in motion, it is critical to keep track of what's going on track and what could be delayed resulting in a spill over. Most teams uncover delays only during their daily stand-ups or crib about how things could have gone better in their sprint retrospective meetings.

Wouldn't it be great if you could know if an item is going to be delayed and spill over in real time?

Delay prediction in Freshrelease will show users the actual time an item spends in every status of its lifecycle and compare against the planned effort for that particular status and call out delays.

For example: Code review for an item could be planned for 2 days but actually it could have taken 3 days to complete. Small delays in every stage of an item like this could add-up to a larger delay and result in a spill over. In scenarios like this, Freshrelease can call out delays in realtime so that as a team, you can find bottlenecks and steer your team towards a great sprint.

Here's a mock up of how this would look like,

Advanced sprint planning and delay prediction are going to be available on the Pro plan of Freshrelease. ETA for this feature launch is December 2019.

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Hi Radheshyam,

can you explain what the goal is of this feature?

Hi Sjaak,

My bad. I've updated the description explaining in detail what the feature will do for teams. Let me know what you think :)

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