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Powerful native integration with Freshservice

A few months back, we launched the Freshrelease integration app on Freshservice's marketplace to help IT teams around the world easily track issues and collaborate better with development teams to resolve them faster. We have got great feedback for this integration and a lot of feature requests around it. So, we are enhancing it with even more powerful capabilities.

We are working on a native Freshrelease capability right within Freshservice. The following are the features that we are bringing with this new integration,

In Freshservice,

1. IT Agents can create or link a Freshrelease item from Tickets, Problems, and Changes.

2. IT Agents can see the type and status of linked Freshrelease items.

3. IT Agents get free read-only access to linked Freshrelease items.

4. IT Agents can @mention developers on Freshrelease to discuss.

5. Status updates to Freshrelease items will be added as private notes in Freshservice.

6. More than one Freshrelease item can be linked to Freshservice Tickets, Problems, and Changes.

In Freshrelease,

1. Developers can see all the linked Tickets, Problems, and Changes for an item.

2. Developers can see the type, status, etc. of linked Freshservice items.

2. Developers get free read-only access to linked Freshservice items.

3. Developers can @mention Agents on Freshrelease to discuss.

We have slated this feature to be launched by the end of September 2019. It will be available to all customers on the Estate and Forest plans of Freshservice.

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