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Invite guest users to projects

At times, you might want to invite someone to one of your projects to show what your team is working on. This could be a client you work with, a partner to your business, a senior executive in your company or a cross-department colleague. These folks would need just a read-only view of the project but not complete access. We are bringing a capability called "Guest user" which allows you to add these occasional users to projects and give them a read-only view of the project.

What can guest users do?

1. Guest users get a read-only view(mostly) of the project.

2. They can create new items

3. Collaborate on items using comments

4. Follow items to be updated on progress

5. They will have access only to the projects they are invited.

We expect this feature to be launched by the 1st week of September 2019. Guest users will be billed the same amount as regular users.

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This has been implemented. Project and account admins can now invite users as guests to their projects/account.

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