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Time tracking for items

We are working on a feature that allows users to add time to the items they work on. This helps teams that do services to clients or just help teams that want to track progress via time.

1. Multiple time entries can be added for an item

2. Time entries can be associated to user working on the project

3. While entering time, users can give additional information about the work they did.

4. Users can mark a time entry as billable time.

5. Project admins can export time entries from a project and also from across multiple projects.

6. Users can build reports on the time spent on items (Marked for version 2 of this feature)

Time tracking will be available for everyone on the Pro plan.

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Hi Brad,

The ETA for this feature is the 3rd week of December.

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Does this have to be done manually? is there any integration on the roadmap like Toggl, Clockify or perhaps an internal tool?

As we are now approaching the end of the 3rd week of December, is there an updated ETA?

Hi Steve,

This feature is in the final leg of testing and should be out by the mid of next week. We're sorry for the delay here.

Hi everyone,

Time tracking is now live!

Excellent!! Thank you!

Thank you!

Yes this is a manual time entry for now. We have plans to bring integration with other time tracking tools but they are not in our immediate roadmap.

Can you please provide an update on when this feature will be available?  It's a critical item when your dev team consists of outside vendors.


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