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Kanban support is not obvious

Hi, I'm from Jira and using freshDesk and freshSales so using freshRelease would be just a nice option since Jira is getting way to complicated to manage...

But we work with the Kanban methodology and so far in freshRelease I cannot see an explicit Kanban support except using a sprint board with no start nor end date and use that as a Kanban board. Maybe I missed something...

That is fin and I can live with it but when it comes to release time, I expect a way to remove all items in the Done state to be removed and tagged into a new Release. So the Complete Sprint button should be more an Create Release one and I keep working on the same board which contains items in other columns - that is the Kanban way of working...

I know I can complete the sprint and move all items into a new sprint but then it's not really a Kanban way of handling things.

Any comments or tell me what I missed about your Kanban support?

thanks and product looks great and easy to use

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Hi Michel,

You can convert any list of item as a Kanban board in Freshrelease. From the "All Items" tab, you will be able to view the list of items as a Kanban board as well.

1. You can create a new filter where one of the conditions is "Status is unresolved" and view it as a board. 

2. On the board configuration > have a "Done" column

3. Once an item is complete, you will be able to move it to done and when you refresh the board, the done items won't be shown as the filter condition is "all unresolved".

I understand that this still doesn't give the option to create a release version for all done items, we will work on that and bring this capability in the future.

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