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Integration with Azure DevOps

We use Azure DevOps (Git) as source control. 

Maybe we could use the same way as GitHub or GitLab to link commit to item.

Best regards,

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Hi Jean,

Thanks for suggesting this. We will experiment with the webhook settings of Azure DevOps to see if we can quickly do this before we build an official app based integration.

We would also find this feature useful. Has there been any progress on it in the past few months? Or is there an estimate of when we could expect to see this feature added?

It doesn't seems too compliqued. The system is quite similar to GitLab, with just another format of json data.

Any timeline or updates on this?

Also looking forward to see this integration in place. is there any plans? 

Is there an update on this request?
I know this could be huge for our team.

Would also like to see this integration happen soon please.
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