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Support for automate / auto-complete tasks using webhooks

It would be nice if Freshrelease would support webhooks so you could call external API's to automate tasks. If the API returns a 200 OK, the status of the task will be updated to "Completed" automatically. If it fails, e.g. returns HTTP 400 with an error message, the status will remain "In progress". 

Webhooks will give users of Freshrelease the ability to implement quality control mechanisms. You can force the completion of certain tasks before developers can continue with other tasks (which happens all the time). avoid manual status changes to


  • deploy a component on a platform
  • automate review tasks: check if a certain component has been deployed

Hi Sjaak Overgaauw,

Status updates based on webhooks' response is a great ide!. We will surely analyse more about this and consider it in the future. 

Currently, we support webhooks in the Workflow transitions - this can support cases like your example 1.

For sample 2, if the other service supports webhooks with custom parameters, as a workaround we can call Freshrelease APIs to handle simple automations

(Freshrelease team)

Hi Prathees, I don’t see any option to use web hooks in combination with workflows. Can you elaborate a little more on this? Thank you

You can trigger a webhook after a status update using "Transition rules" inside workflows.

1. Go to the edit page of your workflow

2. Click on "Transition rules" icon for the status update step you want to trigger a webhook

3. On the Transition rules slider > under "Actions to be performed (After transition)" > Configure a trigger webhook action

4. Once you configure this, every time an item is updated to a specific status, Freshrelease will trigger a webhook.

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