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Freshservice integration

At Henley we are operating with a hybrid of develops and support and collaboration is a key focus for the team. Having a product that does the same is ideal scenario 

Having complete integrations with freshservice and freshrelease.

We would like the ability to create change requests and releases in freshservice and have them populate in freshrelease. Including the ability to close them in either product and have workflow close it in the other.

Hi Laurence,

We have those planned for the Q1 of 2020. Ability to create projects from incidents and changes will be shipped by the end of this quarter.


What are the times scales for the feature below?

- Status sync between freshservice tickets, problems, changes and Freshrelease items

Hi everyone,

The integration is now live on Freshservice. This article describes how to activate the integration. Please try it out and let us know what you think.

Some of the features that will be available in the next version of this app:

1. Status sync between freshservice tickets, problems, changes and Freshrelease items

2. IT agents can create projects in Freshrelease for change implementation.

Hi Mike,

We are working on a v2 of the Freshservice integration. This will be a native integration inside Freshservice itself. Some of the capabilities that are coming in the new version are,

1. Ability to create/associate freshrelease items from problems and changes

2. Ability to associate more than one freshrelease item to tickets, problems and changes

3. Agents can easily login to freshrelease and collaborate with developers on items.

We expect this to be rolled out by November of this year. Happy to discuss more with you to learn how your teams collaborate today and what features would greatly help them.

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