Releases are the core of every project and it is crucial to understand their stages and the process of it. On top of that, enhancing the release management will speed up the overall delivery process. It will save time for all teams, involved in the game.

Let's have a look at an example. To deliver a new web app to the users, the release first goes through design, then it's passed to development and testing. In the meantime, the Marketing team is preparing strategy and content to make sure the Launch date isn't postponed to wait for them.

Step1: create a new release

Step 2 : link all the relevant tasks from your “task list” to your release 

Step 3:  Easily monitor the progress of your release versions 

Step 4 : Select all the completed tasks and “release” them

Step 5: Confirm that you want this version to be released

Step 6 : Click on " release notes" 

Step 7 : Use one click release note, copy paste the data which gets populated automatically to keep your stakeholders updated on what's been shipped.

Step 8: Filter out and see “ released”, “ unreleased” or all here