Building a new feature or want to check your existing functionalities in your software? Use test case management in Freshrelease to ensure software quality

For example: you are building a new feature for an app like facebook where you can publish your emotions. 

Step 1 :  Create a “section” into which all your test cases can be categorised, for e.g - authentication, marketplace, news feed,etc.


Step 2 : Click + test case to add test case scenarios to check if your features are functioning the desired way. Add title, type, section, severity and link it to tasks easily. 

If you already have a large repository of test cases they can be imported using the import feature, click here to know more.

How to import test cases as CSV files 

Step 3: Create a new “test run”

You can create a new test run for the features you are developing, in this case, for publishing - your emotions. 

  1. Choose test run option

b. Create a new run 

c. Name your run, give it an assignee and add relevant description for the same

d. Pick, choose, and add the functionalities that should work within Facebook for you to bring about this    feature. You can add them here from the “sections” and click on ‘Finish’. 

e. Now that we have our test run ready for the new feature, you can go ahead and assign individual test cases to  your team members 

f. Once this is done, in most teams, the QA experts open each test case, execute it and add the test results. This could be passed or failed. 

g. For example, in case it’s failed, they can add or link an existing bug to it. 

  • If you add a new bug, fill out the details in this window 

  • Easily link an existing bug like this

Similarly, this test case might be linked to a task, user story or an epic. You can easily link it here as well. 

  • Open these linked tasks in a new window 

  • Scroll down to test case results in “task properties” to see the progress

Note: One test case can be linked to multiple tasks and likewise one task can be linked to multiple test cases. 

Next, to understand a test plan better, let’s take an example of the same feature of how to publish emotions on an app like facebook. We want this to work in an android, iOS and a desktop app. "Create these three different platforms as test runs under a test plan"

Step 1 : Go to the test case management module


Step 2: Select “create run” dropdown and select “create plan”

Step 3: Create a plan for the feature that you are building

Step 4: Create test runs within the test plan and include test cases inside the test run. 

( Refer to step 2 in this solution article) 

Note : Test plan will contain multiple test runs with multiple test cases in it.