There are different ways to create a new project. 

Note: If you have just signed up, you can directly start from step 2. The window you see in step 2 is what you would see. 

Step 1: Go to the projects module on the right hand side> click on the new project option on the right hand side top. 

Step 2: Choose the kind of project you want to create. It could be from one of the templates or your own. You can choose software projects in the option. 

Step 3: 

Fill out your project details and choose your privacy settings

Step 4:  Invite all your team members to be part of your project (this is an optional step)

Step 5: your first software project is ready to use, start working on your project by adding all relevant details.

Note : You can also create a new project just like how you create a task, epic or a user story. Click on “new” on the right hand side corner of the tool. This option is present in every module of the product. Post this, you can follow the steps from Step 2 to setup your software project.

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