Create reports that can be accessed by everyone in your team. Whenever you create a new report, it is private by default. However, there are multiple ways to share report(s) with your peers, managers or just about anyone with access to Freshworks Analytics. 


Accessing reports


Navigate to the Analytics homepage and click on the 'All reports' dropdown (right below recently viewed reports). You will be able to access:

  • Private reports aka reports created by you for you 

  • Curated reports aka out-of-the-box reports created by us for you

  • Shared reports aka reports created by others that are available for you

  • Owned reports aka reports which are created by you that are available for others 

  • All reports option will give you access to all of the reports in your account

You can also access or switch between reports anytime with the ‘Instant Navigator’ using the hamburger icon on the navigation bar.

Alternatively, you can search for widgets and reports, instead of looking for them in a list.

Here’s how you can share your reports with your peers, supervisors, managers or just about anyone in your team


Report Sharing

You can share reports and also configure access to view, edit or manage using the report sharing option. To share a report, 

  1. Open the report to be shared from the Analytics Homepage or Instant Navigator and click on the Share () icon on the top navigation bar.

  1. You can choose the extent of changes any user can make on the report by selecting from “Can View, Can Edit, Can Manage” permissions.

  2. You can choose to: 

    1. Share the report with specific users. 

    2. Share with everyone.

  3. Click Save. The report is now shared with the selected users.

  4. On sharing with someone, the report’s share icon changes to 

If you wish to change or even remove the access of a specific user, you can return to the same screen and edit the access level to upgrade/downgrade them. 

NOTE: Report sharing is only available for Custom Reports and not Curated Reports

Presentation Mode

Present your reports to the team, minus the distracting details, like the navigation bar and filters, to bring spotlight on the data and insights. Just click on the 'Present' button for any report or widget to access the full-screen mode.


Once you are in the presentation mode, you can 

  1.  Pre-set timings like 5,10,15,30,60 seconds for slideshow

  2. Choose to pause, skip to a particular page or even return to report view anytime during presentation



 You can schedule reports to be sent to your inbox, at a chosen frequency. Here's how:


  1. Open the report to be shared from the Analytics Homepage or Instant Navigator and select ‘Schedule Report’ from the Export dropdown on the top navigation bar.

  1. You can schedule a report to be sent daily, weekly or monthly. With a weekly or monthly schedule, you can also specify the interval at which you'd like to be sent the report. 

For instance, if you want the report to be sent to you on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, choose 'weekly' in the dropdown and pick the days of the week that work for you. 

  1. You can choose what form you'd like the data in - PDF, CSV of the graph data or the raw dataset itself aka a CSV file of the tabular data.

  2. You can add multiple users (including emails of the ones who do not have access to Freshworks) and also edit the subject line and description of the mail schedule as desired

5. You can create multiple schedules for different set(s) of users and even choose to enable or disable them with a simple toggle


NOTE - You can also schedule widgets in a similar way. You can get an overview of all the schedules in your account from the settings tab and choose to disable, edit or even delete.



You can export report(s), page(s) of a report or even a widget to your email, on-demand. 

  1. To export a report, select ‘Export Report’ from the Export dropdown on the top navigation bar

  2. Checkmark the pages to be exported or select all and click on ‘Export’

  1. The report and pages of a report are exported in the form of PDF by default. However, the widgets can be exported in the form of CSV or PDF of graph data or tabular data or even a PDF combination of graph and tabular data


If you want to work on your data in a business intelligence tool, all you have to do is set up the data export you want and feed the URL to the business intelligence tool. Learn more here.