Teams like Marketing, Sales, Support, Operations, IT, etc. can use Freshrelease for project management. While creating a project,

1. You can mention what your team does

2. Choose if you would need "backlog and sprints" or just a task list and a kanban board.

This provides business teams an option whether they'd like to work in sprints or use just a board to keep track of progress. Test case management can also be disabled if you don't need it for some projects.

Roadmap for business teams

Business teams can use the Roadmap module to plan at a high level for all important work the team has to do. These items will be tracked as epics and can be broken down into tasks.

Milestone tracking for business teams

Business teams can use the Release module to track project milestones. Items that need to be completed for a milestone can be tagged to it and the team can track the progress of items in the milestone.