You can import all your data from excel to Freshrelease by importing as a CSV file. Save your excel/spreadsheet as a CSV and then using the "Import" option in "All Items" tab to bring in the data.

If you are the project admin or the account admin,

1. Go to your project

2. Go to All items tab

3. Click on Import > Upload the .csv file

4. Map item fields in Freshrelease > Import

Once your data has been imported, you will get a email confirmation.

Important points:

1. While importing item, if the records have user emails in assignee or reporter field, Freshrelease will automatically create the users if they are not present in Freshrelease.

2. If user name is given in .csv for Assignee and Reporter fields, freshrelease will try to match existing users with the name in .csv. If there's no match, the item won't be created.

3. If you want to automatically create missing Assignees and Reporters, then replace user names with user emails in the .csv file.