The Freshservice integration helps companies deliver moments of WOW to their employees & customers by bringing IT support and development teams closer and resolving issues faster.

Benefits of integrating Freshrelease with Freshservice

  1. Support agents can easily create issues reported by employees & customers as bugs, feature requests, etc in Freshrelease
  2. Agents get visibility into associated bug or feature request's status, owner and release date right within the ticket. No more hopping between your issue tracker and Freshservice.
  3. Developers can see the entire conversation between support agents and customers right within Freshrelease work items.
  4. Agents are notified via private notes whenever status of associated work item is updated in Freshrelease.

Estate and Forest customers of Freshservice

1. Under Admin settings, navigate to Helpdesk Productivity > Freshrelease

2. If you have an existing Freshrelease account, click on Been using Freshrelease? Then, jump right in! to begin the integration process (If you don't have a Freshrelease account then click on "Get Started" & a new Freshrelease account will be signed up for you)

3. Now you’ll be lead to the account credentials window where you can enter your Freshrelease account’s Domain and the API key. You can find the API key under profile settings in Freshrelease.

4. Click on Authenticate to complete the integration. 

5. On the next screen, choose the Freshrelease projects your agents need access to create new items.

6. Under the Agents tab, search and add agents who will be running projects in Freshrelease or collaborating with the engineering teams on Freshrelease. These agents can collaborate with developers using @mentions on Freshrelease items.

Important: If agents are converted to guest users in Freshrelease, they won't be billed in Freshrelease. Guest users have lightweight read-only access to public projects in Freshrelease.

Associate Freshrelase items to Tickets, Problems & Changes

  • Open the ticket, problem or change you want to work on.

  • From the Associate menu, select Freshrelease Item.

    • In the Associate a Work Item window, select the project to which you want to add a work item. Please note that work items can be added only to projects you have added to Freshservice under Admin > Helpdesk Productivity > Freshrelease > Projects Tab
    • Now, enter the Work Item’s Name to either search for an existing work item or to create a new one in the Freshrelease project that you have selected. You can associate multiple tickets, problems or changes to one work item.

    • Choose a Work Item Type. (Bugs, Infrastructure issues, etc)

    • Choose an Assignee from Freshrelease. An assignee will be a user in Freshrelease to whom your work item will get assigned to.

    • Choose an Agent who is creating and associating this work item from Freshservice.

    • Click on Submit to create the work item.

View Work Items Associated With a Ticket,

  • Open the ticket, problem or change you want to work on.

  • Click on the associations tab to view all the associated work items.

  • Click on an item to view various properties of the work item. 

  • You can also click on the work item ID to have a read-only view of it on Freshrelease. You can @mention Freshrelease users to collaborate with them here.

Blossom and Garden customers of Freshservice

How to install the integration?

1. Login to your Freshservice account

2. Go to Admin > Apps

3. Click on "Get more apps" > Search for Freshrelease > Install the app

4. Enter the following details on the configuration page

5. Click on "Authenticate" (if you don't see this button, just scroll to the bottom a bit)

6. On the next screen, choose the Freshrelease projects your agents need access to create new items.

7. Click on "Install"

8. You are now done!

How does this work?

Once the app is installed from marketplace. Freshrelease app will be available from ticket details page. When an employee or customer reports a bug, the agent can easily choose a project and report a bug.

1. Report a bug to freshrelease

2. Creates a bug and links it to the ticket. Agents can see important details of the associated bug.

3. Once linked, users on freshrelease can see what tickets are linked to an item. User can see important details of the associated ticket.

4. Freshrelease users can also see the entire conversation between the agent and customer to get the whole context of the ticket. User don't need Freshservice access to get this context.

5. Status updates on freshrelease items are added as private notes on the associated tickets.